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World, Meet DigMyData

Posted on September 6th, 2011 by Adam in Blog Marketing Product News Starting Up

Today we are publicly launching DigMyData after 8 months of beta and early access!

As an incentive during this launch period, Mark and I, along with Peldi (our advisor), have decided to offer an extended trial through Dec 31, 2011 for users signing up starting today (Tuesday, Sept 6). As of Jan 1, 2012, we will move to paid plans (we’re thinking $99/month right now).

What is DigMyData?
DigMyData is the online business CEO’s dashboard. Gone are the days of logging into 10 different sites so you can see how your business is doing or hours of Excel time to build a spreadsheet – then have it be out of date before you even save it.

Who is DigMyData for?
DigMyData is for anyone who has an online business. You sell desktop software, developer tools, pitch for donations, blog for a living, software as a service, iPhone games, online newsletters? Then DigMyData is for you.  You have email data, web traffic data, sales data, support data, data, data, data. What’s the best way to get meaning from all of this? We humbly suggest signing up for a free extended trial (through Dec 31, 2011) of DigMyData:

How does DigMyData dig my data?
Chart: We take your data and present in a beautiful timeline chart. We bet you’ve never seen some of this data – and certainly not together.

Pivot table: Ever built a pivot table? Enjoyed it? Try ours – no setup and just get learning.

Forecasting: Have you wanted to see which road you’re headed down? We take a sample of your data and build out a forecast. No soothsaying here but you’ll be surprised where you’re headed. Plan ahead!

Story Points: Ever had an epiphany then scratched your head about it later? Record any “Aha!”‘s or offline events right in the chart.

More info here:


What can I learn from DigMyData?

Actionable learning is just around the corner. We have a series of guides that you can follow as you begin using DigMyData:
What is the next bottleneck that I should attack?
Am I spending too much or too little on AdWords?
Determining Sales Conversion Rate

What data can I import as of launch?
Traffic: Google Analytics – See your web traffic data like never before.
Email: Gmail and Google Apps For Business – Tracking orders, support, or sales inquiries is as sample as setting up a filter and label
Email marketing: MailChimp, AWeber and Campaign Monitor – Track your list size over time to see what drives it. See how e-mail broadcasts impact the rest of your business.
Sales: PayPal and Google Checkout – Money!
Marketing: AdWords – How much should you spend on AdWords? How effective is AdWords for your business? Find out!
Social: Facebook, Twitter – See how tweets affects your business. Discover what impacts your fan and follower base.

And for anything else we allow you to import spreadsheets (xls/csv) and RSS feeds. See how your blog impacts your business. Pull in your expense data and easily calculate profit. Track offline sales.

What’s next?
Accepted wisdom in the startup community is that you should be embarrassed by your “version 1″; though we’re not embarrassed this is absolutely a version 1.0. DigMyData in its current incarnation is super usable and we’re got great things planned in coming releases, like email and event alerts as well as goal setting. Follow us on Twitter @digmydata for updates on new features.

How do I sign up for DigMyData?

Sign up right here and within a few clicks you’ll have your first charts built in DigMyData.

We are standing by like telethon phone operators in case you need help. =)

You can reach us here: @digmydata (Twitter) or

Additional coverage

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