Researching Traffic Spikes

Researching Traffic Spikes

Sudden surges in traffic spikes might make you wonder where all the traffic is coming from. DigMyData lets you delve further into these spikes by showing you the in-depth sources where traffic came through.

To effectively examine your website traffic, setup your Google Analytics – Traffic line with the following options:

· Visitors

· Show linking sites

To analyze traffic using the example below, click on a point on the line with a traffic spike:










The details on that particular point are then displayed below the chart. The list shows:

· the type of sources for these traffic

· the sources where traffic originated

· the number of visitors

· the percentage of visitors according to the type of sources

· the number of sources for each source type







In the summary above, you will see that the visitors to your website came mostly from referrals.

To dig further into the sources, check any one of the following to display more information:

· Under the Source column, click More.





This expands, in ascending order, the remaining sources related to the referral source type.

· Under the Source column, click google.







This displays keywords used by visitors directed to your website. Listed keywords are ranked from the highest hits to the lowest. (only the top three keywords are shown)






· Under the Total sources column, click any source link.






This displays sources related to the source type. For the referral sources, listed sites are ranked from the highest referral count to the lowest.

Furthermore, you can also click the specific month period just below the chart:










This lets you see how the line changes for your website traffic within that month. In the example below, you will notice that on a specific week in the middle of July, a significant number of visitors went through to visit your website.










One feature of DigMyData is the capability to show referrer events. This also reveals the main sources of your website traffic.

To display referrer events:

1. In Deep View (chart page), locate and click in the chart list at the left pane the Traffic line that supports events, then select Show referrer events.








2. The following example chart below presents the Traffic line with referrer events.








3. Click an event box to display their URLs and Alexa ranks.













4. You can browse the referrer thumbnails by clicking the forward or backward button on the event box.










This shows you the main referral websites that increased your website traffic.