Settings: Google Analytics

Settings: Google Analytics

DigMyData can track website visitors and referring websites using Google Analytics.  This lets you configure calculation lines based on the number of visitors to your website.  Track visitors and the number of purchases made on your website which can be setup as a calculation line called Conversion Rate.


Connecting to Google Analytics

Login to your Google Analytics account.

Go to  Settings |  Google Analytics  in DigMyData.



Click Connect to Google Analytics button.

The Google accounts screen will be shown:

Description: Description: settings_ga_connect_grantacc.png


Click the Grant access button to allow DigMyData to access Google Analytics.  A simple tutorial page is shown for the first time.  Click on it to proceed to the next screen.


Using Google Analytics Profiles with DigMyData

With Google Analytics, DigMyData can highlight websites that link to your website(s).  On the following screen, your configured profiles from your Google Analytics account will be displayed.

Description: Description: settings_ga_connect_traffic_profile.png

Select the profile that you want to be shown in Deep View chart.  Enabling Show linking sites will let DigMyData display referrer websites or events depending on your Google Analytics profile setup.

For example, setting the Show linking sites slider all the way to the left will display all referrer links.  You can filter out links based on their Alexa rank.

Description: Description: settings_ga_connect_traffic_profile.png

Description: Description: settings_ga_connect_traffic_profile_upd.png


Click the Update button to start tracking your website traffic.

In the example below, the Traffic line is shown.  This lets you see how the data line changes over time.

Description: Description: settings_ga_connect_traffic.png