Track your competitors in Twitter: Why it’s always a good idea

Track your competitors in Twitter: Why it’s always a good idea

With DigMyData, you can track multiple Twitter accounts and view multiple tweets, followers and fans over time. Comparing these tracks will provide the information you need to know about interesting Twitter accounts – your competitors.




You can view your competitors’ activity. Get more active if they are active by bringing out an interesting tweet or information to hold relevant conversation with your followers. This can attract more followers which in turn promotes consumer awareness.




You can monitor the number of your competitors’ followers. You can also infer how much traffic they drive to their sites/blogs with the number of followers they have on Twitter. Put in another way, the higher the number of followers they have, the chances of visits to their sites/blogs by those followers will be greater. To always stay in competition, deliver compelling information to your followers to gain more following and site/blog visits.


Comparing Your Twitter Data Line to Your Competitors

DigMyData generates a timeline graph to compare it to any of your competitors. Let’s assume that you already have linked your twitter account with DigMyData.

Go to Settings | dmd_settings_twitter_icon Twitter in DigMyData.

Click the  Description: Description: settings_twitter_plussign.png  icon to add some of your competitors twitter ID to the tracking list.




Click Update to save twitter settings.

Click  settings_exitsettings_icon  Exit Settings to go to the DeepView chart.

Add a new chart set by clicking the  tweetcompete04  on the DeepView sidebar.



The following screen is displayed:



Enter the name for your new chart set then click Save.


Select the newly created chart set then click Add line to chart set.

Select a twitter configuration from the list to add it to your selected chart set or create a new calculation line using twitter configuration.

Click the newly added twitter line then select Show followers line to have it displayed in the timeline chart. Do this with the other newly added twitter lines for comparison.

In the below example, your twitter and your competitors’ twitter timeline is displayed. This will let you track each timeline over time.