Import your:
  • Revenue
    from checks ($)
  • Expenses ($)
  • Number of
    employees (#)
  • Number of support
    agents (#)
  • Offline and online
    tabular data
Ideas for calculation lines:
  • Total Revenue
    [PayPal + Google
    Checkout +
    checks (spreadsheet)]
  • Profit
    [Total revenue -
    expenses (spreadsheet)]
  • Revenue per employee
    [Total revenue -
    employee (spreadsheet)]
  • Operating margin
    [Profit / Total revenue]

Integration – Spreadsheets

Import your spreadsheet files into DigMyData to track revenue from checks and other revenue sources, expenses, number of employees/support agents and any offline tabular data file (Excel/CSV).



Info: API version: 4
First release: May,5 2012
Last updated: May,5 2012
Type: API Token
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